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Library Resources for CJ352

Unit 6: Discussion Topics

Topic 1: The Politics of Prison Subcultures

What are some of the issues that a new inmate faces upon entering prison? How does the prison society, such as prison subcultures, prisonization, and norms and values, help the inmates adjust to their new world?

Topic 2: Pains of Imprisonment:

Review the Federal Bureau of Prisons website that explains what new inmates can expect when they first enter a correctional institution. How could this process be changed to help minimize the pains of imprisonment? Support your response with information gained from the readings this week.

You may find it helpful to understand the orientation of a specific correctional facility. The Federal Bureau of Prisons website provides links to each facility. Choose one of these facilities to learn more about the orientation process for new inmates.

Below are suggested keywords to try on the SEARCH page of this guide and in any of the suggested databases below.

  • prison subculture
  • prison culture
  • pains of imprisonment
  • correctional facility orientation
  • psychological effects of incarceration 

Suggested Library Databases

Finding Journal Articles and other Publications

To search for reputable journal articles, search ProQuest Criminal Justice, a subset of ProQuest Central that focuses just on the law enforcement-related journals provided by ProQuest. This helps focus your research and cuts out publication types unlikely to have good info on this topic like newspapers.

Finding Articles in Reference Sources - Dictionaries and Encyclopedias 

Looking for a great database to begin your research? Credo Reference and Gale eBooks provides simple topic overviews.

Finding Audio/Visual Materials 

Looking for more than just articles? Alexander Street Video and Films on Demand offer great visual material.