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Library Resources for CJ352

Unit 3: Discussion Topics

Topic 1: Classifying and Grouping Special-Need Inmates

Discuss the pros and cons of classifying and grouping special needs inmates. Explain the advantages and downsides of having a prison, or part of one, exclusively for one of the following populations: inmates with mental illness or inmates with infectious disease such as tuberculosis or AIDS/HIV. Providing statistics and research on this population, explain the pros and cons of having a section of a prison dedicated to this population.

Topic 2: Correctional Health and the Community

In Potter’s (2018) article, he asks why we are still discussing correctional health and the community. After reading his article, referencing the Davis, Bello, and Rottnek (2018) article, and considering the information presented in the text book, how would you answer this question?

Below are suggested keywords to try on the SEARCH page of this guide and in any of the suggested databases below.

  • special populations correctional facilities
  • inmates with infectious diseases
  • mental illness in correctional populations
  • correctional health 
  • prison health care

Suggested Library Databases

Finding Journal Articles and other Publications

To search for reputable journal articles, search ProQuest Criminal Justice, a subset of ProQuest Central that focuses just on the law enforcement-related journals provided by ProQuest. This helps focus your research and cuts out publication types unlikely to have good info on this topic like newspapers.

Finding Articles in Reference Sources - Dictionaries and Encyclopedias 

Looking for a great database to begin your research? Credo Reference and Gale eBooks provides simple topic overviews.

Finding Audio/Visual Materials 

Looking for more than just articles? Alexander Street Video and Films on Demand offer great visual material.