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Evaluating Specific Resources


When: Refers to the currency or timeliness of the information.

Currency can be more important in some fields, like the sciences and medicine, where statistics and research are constantly changing and updating. In fields like the humanities, currency not as important. However, having  the most recent information is usually recommended.  

It's important to ask:

  • When was the information published?
  • Is the material up to date?
  • How long has it been reviewed or revised? Does the source use recent information?  
  • If the material is older than 5-10 years, accuracy of the content could be problematic. Does currency matter for this topic? Why or why not?

Additional Internet Consideration:

  • Is the page or website regularly updated?
  • When was the last updated or revision?.
  • Be aware that "Last updated" can mean any kind of update, even if it's just a visual or organizational update, not a change in content.