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Evaluating Specific Resources

News Publications

News Publications 

News sources can be in print or online. Most common news sources include USA Today, Huffington Post, Reuters, etc. 

News Publication Evaluation Points

Click this link and take a few minutes to bowse this PG Library news article. Pay attention to the information on the detailed record page, including the Abstract and Details information, as well as the Full Text link on the left of the screen.

Things to consider:

  • Author/AuthorityArticles written by staff writers and freelance journalists. Articles may nor may not include a by-line.
  • Appearance/Content: Generally printed on newsprint in black ink. Contains current events and general interest features.
  • Audience: Written for the general public
  • Citations: Footnotes and/or bibliographies are seldom included.
  • Publisher: Generally for-profit

After browsing this item, would this news article by a good source for your academic research? If answering no, then you may want to consider an alternate source. 

News article detailed record for Family Demographics Influence Likelihood of Vaccination. Publication information: (1999, Jan 14). Washington Informer.  The abstract is highlighted: Here is the abstract: Reasoning that policy initiatives and physician practices were easier to change than family characteristics, the investigators concentrated on identifying ways physicians could improve vaccination rates. Some things doctors can do: remind parents about vaccination times and keep track of each child's vaccination schedule; offer vaccination services at accessible times; and keep abreast of vaccine information from health departments. The study revealed that, in contrast, physician concern for liability was associated with a reduced likelihood of age-appropriate and up-to-date vaccinations. The Details section is highlighted but only the subject headings are visible.  Here are the subject headings: Health; Medical research; Preventive medicine; Public health; Research