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Guide to Statista

What is Statista?


Statista is a leading provider of market and consumer data. Find statistics, reports, infographics, and more to support your research and integrate charts, graphs, and other visuals into your reports and presentations. Highlights of Statista:

  • Over 1 million statistics on 80,000 topics and 170 industries, consolidated from over 22,000 sources.

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Presentation-ready data visualizations.

  • Huge, constantly updated collection spanning across topics and disciplines, from business to criminal justice.

  • Statista's Global Consumer Surveys "allows analyses of consumer behavior and media usage...based on the data of 700,000 consumers from 55 countries, who were surveyed about 50 topics and 6,500 brands."

  • Statista's Market Outlooks "provide market sizes, forecasts and other indicators for the digital economy, key consumer markets and relevant automotive markets for up to 150 countries."

  • Used and trusted by large companies, not just academic institutions.

For a brief video overview, see the video from Statista below. Note, ignore the details at the end about signing up, as you already have access through the PG Library.

Statista Explainer - ENG from Statista GmbH on Vimeo.


How do I access it?

Access Statista anytime with this link: