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Introduction to the Purdue Global Library

In Summary

If you've watched the introductory video and read through the rest of this guide, you should now feel at least a little familiar with three things:

  • What services and resources the PG Library offers.
  • How to begin a search for information on the Library's website.
  • Where to find more training and help.  

However, this is just the beginning of developing your information literacy and literature research skills over the duration of your degree program.  You will have plenty of time to practice and improve your ability to assess your information need, find the information required to answer it, and use that information effectively and ethically in the future.  For today, we hope you're now familiar with the Library's services and feel comfortable starting a search on our website.  

Library Essentials

Below are three links we think are essential and helpful to have bookmarked for quick access in the future.  

Good luck!

One last message from your librarians:

Welcome to Purdue Global and good luck in your studies! 

Photo of a crowd celebrating