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Introduction to the Purdue Global Library

Library Support

Students can find many self-directed learning objects like videos and interactive tutorials within the Library website to help with any step of the research process, from defining the research problem, picking a database, choosing keywords, to using resources effectively, and citation.  All of the Library's support services and resources are in the Support section.  Visit the Support section of the PG Library now. 

Support section of library website

Finding Videos, Tutorials, Guides, and Frequently Asked Questions

All videos, tutorials, guides, and other media are available in the Support section of the Library's website.  Here is a quick explanation of the type of help you can find in each section.

Section Description Example Question
Videos & Tutorials Self-paced multimedia training on research concepts and skills. "How do I learn more about developing keywords?"
Library Guides Curated lists of research for specific subjects, topics, and courses. "What are the best sources for business courses?"
F.A.Q. Short articles that answer specific questions. "Where is Westlaw?"

Want to know more?

There are many videos and tutorials available in the PG Library's collections or created by Library staff.  If you are looking for somewhere to start, the following three video tutorials will help how and why to critically think about your research assignment topic and questions.