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Introduction to the Purdue Global Library

What's a Database?

Database search iconSeeing a list of databases might beg the question, “What is a database?” For the databases the Library subscribes to, a database is a searchable electronic storehouse for documents that typically were originally published in a print form.  Think of it as a Netflix for academic research articles and books.

The library has general databases that cover multiple disciplines, as well as specialized that focus in on one particular area. The Library's databases provide access to resources normally closed off and behind a paywall on the web, extending your overall information network available to you.

Where Can I Find Databases on the Library Website?

To locate the right database for your information needs, you can visit Databases A-Z, where you’ll find a list of every database we subscribe to. You can sort by vendor, publication type, and subject in this area.  Between Databases A-Z and lists in the Search section of our website, you have multiple avenues to find the right research tool.

Visit Databases A-Z now.

PG Library AZ list

Additionally, links to lists of databases are in the 1) Find section of the Library website or 2) All Databases button under the EDS search box. 

All Databases link locations on homepage