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Guide to Google Scholar

Searching in Google Scholar

If you are familiar with searching on Google, then Google Scholar will feel very familiar.  The differences are mostly in the types of results you see, not how Google's search features function.  

  • Enter keywords into the search box at the top right of the site at any time to search.  
  • As you type, suggestions will actively come up.  Keep using your own keywords or click on any suggestions to use that as your search instead.

Screenshot depicting a search in Google Scholar.

Like all search engines, the keywords you choose greatly influence the quality of your results.  For tips on choosing the right keywords, check out the tutorial below.

Advanced Search

Google Scholar features an Advanced Search mode as well.  This can be useful if you want to find an exact phrase, omit terms from your search, search for a specific author, or read articles from a particular journal.  To find this mode:

  • Click the "hamburger" menu to the upper left corner (the three horizontal lines).
  • A menu will expand on the left.  Click Advanced Search.
  • You will then see the Advanced Search window. 

Animated GIF depicting where the Settings and Advanced Search option is in Google Scholar.