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Guide to Google Scholar

Enable Links to Full Text when in the PG Library

You can set up Google Scholar to connect with the PG Library, allowing you to access the full text of articles when available from the PG Library's subscriptions.
To do that, open up Google Chrome or your favorite browser and look in the upper left-hand corner for the "hamburger" (the three horizontal lines) and click on that.
Screenshot depicting where to find the options menu in Google Scholar.
Next, click Settings:
Screenshot depicting where Settings option is in Google Scholar.
Next, click on Library Links on the left hand of the screen:
Screenshot depicting Library Links option in Google Scholar settings.
Now follow these steps:
  • In the search box, type:  Purdue Global
  • Click on the magnifying glass to perform the search.
  • Click on the box next to Purdue University Global - Find Full Text at PG
  • Click Save

Screenshot depicting steps for adding PG Library link to Google Scholar.

Now when you search in Google Scholar, there will be a 'Find Full Text at PG' link next to any citations available in full text through the PG Library.  
Screenshot depicting example of Full Text link to PG Library from Google Scholar results.