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Guide to Westlaw Campus Research

Browse State Materials

State Materials include:

  • Cases
  • Statutes & Court Rules 
  • Regulations
  • Secondary Sources
  • Briefs
  • Proposed & Enacted Legistation
  • Proposed & Adopted Legislation

State material


All individual state materials can be searched simultaneously in the top search bar.

state search

Another option is to search within specific individual state materials. 

Cases: Search state and state federal court cases simultaneously. Or, search individual state and state federal courts.

Statutes & Court Rules: Find Statutes & Court Rules and state Federal Court Rules. Other materials vary by state.

Regulations: Search state regulations by keyword in the top search bar,  or browse the state's Code table of contents. Also search state's Historical Regulations by keyword or by year .

Secondary Sources: Search state's secondary sources, which includes law reviews and journals. Search by keyword in the top search bar, or search within specific content.

Briefs:  Browse specific documents or search all U.S. Supreme Court Briefs, Petitions & Joint  Appendices in the top search bar. Selected coverage begins with 1870.

Proposed & Enacted Legistation: Search U.S. Public Laws that have passed during the current legislative session.

Proposed & Adopted Legislation: Search the U.S. Federal Register. Documents published in the Federal Register provided by U.S. government agencies, with full text coverage beginning March, 1936.