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Guide to Westlaw Campus Research

Documentation and Training

Below are links to documentation and training resources provided by Westlaw.  

Note: Some features showcased in videos produced by Westlaw about using the Westlaw platform may show features not available in the Campus Research version, in particular, private accounts and folders.  However, the basic search mechanics and platform are identical.

Westlaw Search History

Your Westlaw search history can be emailed.

Visit this FAQ for more information about how to find and share your Westlaw search history.

Saving & Linking

Note that currently, we can't directly link to any documents from Westlaw Campus Research.  For this database, download copies of  items for later use.

What is Westlaw Campus Research?


Westlaw Campus Research contains the full text of court opinions, statutes, and regulations from state and federal governments. Westlaw Campus Research is powered by WestSearch, which dramatically improves searching and the ability to find the most relevant information quickly.   Westlaw Campus Research is a premier research service for  legal, news, and business-related information, making it a great resources for law,  business, and criminal justice students.

Primary features include:

  • Analytical sources like American Jurisprudence 2d
  • American Law Reports
  • Black's Law Dictionary
  • 800+ law reviews and journals
  • Primary law sources like USCA, CFR, Federal Register and all federal, state and Supreme Court cases
  • Newspapers, magazines, trade journals, and company information

How do I access it?

Access Westlaw from the Library homepage within the Popular Databases box or via the All Databases A-Z link. 

Or access anytime with this link: