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Guide to Westlaw Campus Research

Searching for Cases on Westlaw

There a a couple of ways of searching for cases on Westlaw. 

Maybe the easiest way is to search directly in the database homepage search box. This works especially well if you already know the case name or case number.

If  you're not searching for a specific case but looking for a case about a specific topic, type in the relevant keywords into the search box. 

Homepage Search: You can simply enter a case name (if you have one) or keyword(s) based upon the case topic. Be sure to select the correct jurisidication (State or Federal). If you're not sure of the jursidiction, select both State & Federal:

Homepage search

You can also search for cases by using the Browse Cases option. Simply select Cases from within the All Content area:


Then, be sure to select the relevant jurisdiction to conduct your case search:

Case jurisdiction

Or search cases by topic:

If you look for cases by keyword or topic, you will retrieve a variety of results. Using the features on the left side of the page will allow you to narrow your search:


You will also see related content based upon your topic:


And looking to the right of the screen, you will see related Secondary content:

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