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Guide to Creating Reading Lists

About this Guide

This site exists to assist curriculum and faculty interested in replacing or supplementing a traditional course textbook with a combination of links to materials in licensed library databases, permitted file uploads of PDF copies of content to the LMS, and links to appropriate OER (open educational resource) materials, which can be thought of as a digital reading list or electronic coursepack.  

LibGuides: The Best Place for Library Reading Lists

This video, aimed at PG faculty, staff, and leadership, is on the functions and advantages of using LibGuides in a course. In this video, you will learn what a library guide or LibGuide is, why it is useful for your course, and how to access and use it. It is the best place to make readings assigned from library resources available to students. 

Want to inform your students about course LibGuides? Share this video with them. 

Benefits of the PG Library



The Library offers access to 20,000+ journals and magazines and 230,000+ e-books from our various databases and subscriptions, plus many more thousands of newspapers, reports, and other publications.


Our most popular databases offer sharing and linking features to help make access for students easy.  The links are persistent, durable links that won't break over time like a website might (i.e., "link rot.").  As long as the library subscribes to that item, you'll have access. 


The vast majority of materials licensed by the Library are available to link to within a reading list for your course.  If it's content we don't have, but you want to use it, we also have an institutional license with the Copyright Clearance Center that grants further permissions, all while saving time by not having to contact the original copyright holder for permission.


Recent analysis of library server logs shows that students who use library resources from our licensed databases the most consistently earn the highest grades and have the highest graduation rates.  This is backed up by an increasing amount of external research showing the same thing: using the Library pays off. 


This site features documentation and training to assist you in your development of a digital reading list for your course.  However, we also have dozens of other library training videos on our website, as well as a searchable support (FAQ) hub and other guides.  


Trained, professional librarians who are experts in searching our databases and the web for content are available to assist not only your students, but you too!  A quick email might help you from looking at endless lists of results and find just the right item.