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Guide to Mendeley

About Mendeley

What is Mendeley? 

Mendeley is a reference manager, which allows you to manage, read, share, annotate, and cite your research. It is also an academic collaboration network.

You can access Mendeley's free academic software on all major computer platforms and in all popular browsers. Use Mendeley on your Mac or PC. Mendeley offers you a desktop library so you can work online, a web library for when you’re not at your own computer, and a mobile version, so you can work on the go.

With Mendeley you can 

  • Organize your research, documents and PDFs by creating folders and adding tags
  • Backup and sync - Access your papers on the desktop, web, iOS, and Android
  • Access your library from everywhere
  • Collaborate and share papers, notes, and annotations with peers
  • Network & discover – papers, people, and groups
  • Auto generate a citation list in word, in up to 6000 citation styles

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How to Install Mendeley

Mendeley Desktop is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Mobile (iOS & Android) operating systems.

Sign up for Mendeley and download the desired Mendeley Desktop here: 

What is a Reference Manager?

Reference management software (also called citation management software) helps you collect and keep track of your research in one place. Whether you found a reference you want to use in your own work from a database in the library, PubMed, Google Scholar, website, or elsewhere, reference managers can help you remember and locate again what you've found. This is especially helpful for research projects and papers you may be working on over an extended period of time. Reference managers are also commonly able to output your list of references in the appropriate citation style, enter notes about a reference, and store PDF files you've downloaded in cloud storage for use across multiple devices.

The Library recommends Mendeley for grad-level and above research needs.

Mendeley is free to download and try

Browse these resources to learn more about Mendeley.