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Guide to IBISWorld

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Searching in IBISWorld

  • Enter keywords into the search box at any time to search.  Since these reports are based on standard NAICS codes and categories, start simply at first.
  • As you type, suggestions will actively come up.  Keep using your own keywords or click on any suggestions to use that as your search instead.
  • After entering terms, click the Search button. 

Animated GIF showing basic IBISWorld search

Navigating Results

  • Search results are listed in order of relevance and should look typical of search results in other resources, except here all of the results will be links to industry profiles, risk reports, and other information about markets.
  • Click on the title of any report to open it, or click a specific section like "Supply Chain" or "Key Statistics" to leap directly to that section.
  • There are filters to browse by geographic region; currently, our subscription includes U.S. and Global reports. 

IBISWorld results list example