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Guide to IBISWorld

Downloading Reports

IBISWorld allows downloading reports in PDF, Word, and Excel formats. PDF and Word versions downloaded should closely mirror the website version of the report, but be available for offline viewing.  Excel versions will contain all of the data in the report in tables for further analysis and manipulation (however, don't ever forget to cite where you originally found the data!).  

To download a report, click the button that looks like a "down arrow" next to the report title, then click the option you prefer. 

Example of downloading a report

Sharing Reports

Need to link to a report? Unlike some other databases and resources licensed by the PG Library that require using a special share or link tool, you can copy the URL from your browser's address bar to share a report with your professor or classmates. That's it! Just copy and paste, and anyone at PG should have access. Do note that nobody outside of PG cannot access the link.