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Guide to IBISWorld

Report Types

Report types in IBISWorld:

  • Industry Reports - This is the standard report when searching for information. More from IBISWorld: "Each IBISWorld Industry Research Report offers actionable insights, comprehensive data, and in-depth analysis. Get a quick and intelligent overview of any industry with key statistics and analysis on market characteristics, operating conditions, current and forecast performance, major industry participants and more."
  • Risk Ratings - Description from IBISWorld: "IBISWorld’s Risk Rating Reports provide insight into the risks facing thousands of global industries to help you identify and manage industry risks on the horizon. Each report features an easy-to-understand risk score, quantifying the level of risk that operators within the industry face. Scores range from one to nine, with higher scores indicating a riskier operating environment. Each score is supported by forward-looking analysis and charts on the structural, sensitivity and growth risks facing an industry."

The rest of this page will detail what to expect from the standard reports in IBISWorld.

Reading a Report

Typically, sections of industry reports include:

  • Industry at a Glance
  • Industry Performance
  • Industry Outlook
  • Products & Markets
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Major Companies
  • Operating Conditions
  • Key Statistics

Currently, there is also a statement about the impact of COVID-19 at the top of each report. 

For a more detailed rundown about report contents, watch the video embedded below from IBISWorld.