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Library Resources for CJ521

The Prison Population

In this assignment you will have an opportunity to examine the reasons for the increase in the United States prison population and what this means for the corrections system. You will look specifically at the intended and unintended consequences of sentencing laws in terms of incarceration rates.

Your essay should include an examination of how the following have affected the incarceration rate in the United States.

  • Truth in sentencing

  • Determinate sentencing

  • States abolishing parole

  • Sentencing guidelines

The suggested keywords below can be tried on the Find page of this guide or in the Library database ProQuest. 

  • united states prison population
  • "truth in sentencing" incarceration rates
  • "determinate sentencing" 
  • criminal sentencing guidelines
  • state parole abolition

Using quotation marks tell the database to look for the words close together narrows the search.

Corrections Data Using Statista

Statista is an excellent database offering over 1 million statistics on 80,000 topics.

In the database, search with the keywords united states incarceration rates

See the screenshot below:

Statista results screenshot

Other keyword searches could be:

  • united states parole
  • united states criminal sentencing