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Library Resources for CJ521

Correctional Policies

Evaluate the efficacy of correctional policies based on theories of punishment and incarceration. Your assignment should:

  • Identify three correctional policies (examples include but are not limited to, forms of community-based corrections, the death penalty, determinant sentencing practices, treatments programs and many others)

  • Clearly describe at least three theories of punishment and incarceration on which these policies are based. Be sure to cite the theories.

  • Analyze correctional policies and three theories of punishment and incarceration. Which of the theories best describe or support each of the policies?

  • Determine each policy’s effectiveness

The suggested keywords below can be tried on the Find page of this guide or in the Library database ProQuest. 

  • correctional policy "theories of punishment"
  • theories of punishment and incarceration
  • theories of criminal punishment

Using quotation marks tell the database to look for the words close together narrows the search.