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Library Resources for HN330

Research Assignment

For this week's assignment, you are to choose a culture different from your own to study. You must research the unique aspects of this culture and determine the human services needs of this group in order that you may be able to provide culturally competent services. Things to consider about the culture/group:

  • general demographics
  • population statistics (and other appropriate statistics)
  • beliefs, values, traditions, strengths

Search Strategies

To find population and demographical information about your chosen culture, visit the United States Census page below. Available resources on this site include population statistics, maps, infographics, videos, and more. 

On the Census homepage, you can browse each category separately, or you can enter your chosen culture in the search bar in the upper right of the page. See the example below:

Additional search terms could include:

  • native americans
  • native american indian
  • native americans demographics
  • native american income

As a supplement to the U.S. Census data, you can find resources about traditions, religious beliefs, and customs of your chosen demographic by using the Start Here page of this guide. An initial search phrase to try in the large search box is: native american culture

Other searches may include:

  • native american indians
  • native american traditions
  • native american indian religious beliefs
  • native american customs
  • native american indians ethnics

As you research your particular demographic, it's likely you will learn about the various human services needs your group may have. 

To research information about how your chosen culture or population is served by the human services profession, begin on the Start Here page of this research guide. Search your chosen demographic with the phrase human servicesFor example, to find information about Native Americans, search the phrase:

"human services" "native americans" 

Other searches may include:

  • "native american culture" "cultural competence"
  • "culturally competent services" "native americans"

You can also replace the phrase "human services" with "social services"

Be sure to keep the quotation marks as shown. They tell the database to search that exact phrase combination.