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Library Resources for HN330

DSM-5 Library

Use this database to access the Handbook of Differential Diagnosis for the Unit 6 Discussion post assignment. 

Books in the collection

Search Strategies

This page provides suggested keywords/phrases to search in order to locate information about the topics in each unit. The information and resources you find can offer credible and useful information to support your weekly discussion posts and assignments.

You can search any combination of these words and phrases on the Find of this research guide.

Please note that at any time, you can replace the phrase "human services" with "social services" 

Keywords & Phrases

Search Terms & Phrases

Any of the suggestions below can be mixed and matched in any combination and searched with or without quotation marks.

  • case management services
  • case management ethics
  • "ecological model" 
  • culturally competent services
  • case management boundaries
  • reflective listening
  • strengths-based assessment
  • client assessment
  • diagnostic assessment
  • individualized service planning
  • ISP  
  • "recovery model"
  • electronic record systems
  • case notes
  • assessment notes
  • client documentation 
  • ethical termination
  • case management