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Library Resources for HN330

Discussion Help

For the Discussion in Unit 5, you are required to select a topic associated with children's need for human services. Some suggested topics include:

  • school problems
  • behavioral problems
  • developmental delays
  • adjustments to events (divorce; death of a parent, etc.)
  • trauma associated with abuse and/or neglect
  • homelessness

You must then research articles about human service work with children/youth and the topic that you've chosen. You can begin searching on the Start Here page of this research guide. Some search terms & phrases include:

  • children "human services" "developmental delays"
  • children "human services" "developmental delays"
  • children "human services" "aggressive behavior"
  • children "human services" educational concerns
  • children "human services" "post-traumatic stress"

You can also replace the phrase "human services" with "social services" or "family services" and/or the term "children" with "youth"

Be sure to keep the quotation marks as shown. They tell the database to search that exact phrase combination.