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Library Resources for HN300

Research Assignment

The focus of this assignment highlights the advocacy and delivery of human services. You will explore the ethical principles involved in the practice of human services in the community. 

Search Strategies

In the large search box on the Start Here page of this guide, type the phrase: 

"social policy" "human services" influence "united states" 

Be sure to include the quotation marks around "social policy" and "human services" and "united states" because they tell the search engine to look for those words together, as a phrase.

Other search phrases may include:

 "social policy" "united states"
"social policy" "united states" ethical

"community advocacy" "human services"

"community practice" "human services" ethics

"human services" "social policy" ethics

"healthcare policy" "affordable care act"

Another search could target specific jobs or careers within the field of human and social services. For example, try searching
  • "social policy" "united states" social work"