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Library Resources for HN300

Research Assignment

For this week's assignment, you are to select a population (culture/demographic), and research the human services needs of this group. You must consider if/how prejudice and discrimination has affected this population and research the policies and programs that are in place to serve the members of this group.

Search Strategies

To search for specific populations/cultures served by the human services profession, begin on the Start Here page of this research guide, and search your chosen population/culture with the phrase "social policies" "human services. For example, to find information about how Native Americans are served by the human services profession, search the phrase

  • "social policies" "human services" "native americans"

Additional search terms/phrases may include:

  • populations served by human services
  • human services "diversity" "multiculturalism"
  • "human services" discrimination

You can also replace the phrase "human services" with "social services"

Be sure to keep the quotation marks as shown. They tell the database to search that exact phrase combination.