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Library Resources for HN300

Additional Resources

Search Strategies

This page provides suggested keywords/phrases to search in order to locate information about the topics in each unit. The information and resources you find can offer credible and useful information to support your weekly discussion posts and assignments.

You can search any combination of these words and phrases on the Search page of this research guide.

Keywords & Phrases

  • "human service professionals" roles
  • history of human service
  • "human services" policies

You can also replace the phrase "human services" with "social services"

  •  "elizabethan poor law"

    "elizabethan period" "social services"

  • "social policy" OR "human services" development

  • "human services" "social services" "primary prevention"

  • obstacles OR barriers "primary prevention" human services

  • "policy controversy" "human services"

  • "united states" "employment policy"

  • "united states" "employment law"