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Library Resources for CM220


On the "Search" page of this guide, you will find the EBSCO Discovery Service central library search feature and links to the native interfaces of specific databases you'll find useful at different points in this course. 

EBSCO Discovery Service

Best Bets for Background Information

open bookIn addition to some basic web searching when looking for some background information on a topic, check out the following resources for information published in scholarly, reliable encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, and other reliable resources. 

Best Bets for Data, Statistics, & Graphics

Picture of statistical report documentThe following resources provide statistics and data visualizations like charts and graphs. Statista especially makes it easy to integrate data to back up your claims in your presentations and papers. Statista has a focus on international business and industry, but still covers a wide range of topics and data types, including demographics and population data. ProQuest Statistical Insight takes a more multi-disciplinary approach but is less interactive and most content is provided via PDF. See the "Statistics in the News" section for direct links to search results on popular current topics. 

Best Bets for Videos

Picture of person using streaming video servicePart of your annotated bibliography may include videos you find. To find videos in the Library, either click the "Videos" filter after a search in EBSCO Discovery Service or go straight to the sources below and browse for content. 

Best Bets for Articles

Open journalThese links lead to interdisciplinary searches through a vast array of publications that should result in multiple options for most topics. Articles may come from news sources, magazines, or scholarly, academic journals. Note you can filter out non-article types like books and videos if necessary using the results page filters on either EBSCO or ProQuest platforms. For units where you need to limit your results to peer reviewed articles published in scholarly, academic research journals, look for the filters to do so before or after a search. 

Where Can I Find Other Databases on the Library Website?

Most CM220 students should be fine just using EBSCO Discovery Service, ProQuest, or one of the other links above.  However, to locate the right database for your information needs if your topic demands something more specialized, you can also visit Databases A-Z, where you’ll find a list of every database we subscribe to. You can sort by vendor, publication type, and subject in this area.  

Visit Databases A-Z now.

Screenshot showing Databases A-Z section homepage.