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Library Resources for MT460

On this page....

On this page is a list of specific library resources related to each course outcome by unit / module. You may contact instructors with specific questions or recommended resources related to research topics. It is the job of the instructor to guide you. It is your job to conduct research and learn the topics. You should use the course and unit outcomes to narrow down the topics and information needed for acquisition of knowledge and understanding. 

About this list

This page was created to help you locate items in the PG Library. See your classroom for a complete list of required materials. 

Links on this page have character limits and other system restrictions that prevent complete accuracy and compliance with APA Style. Some links are not in APA Style at all. For help with APA citation style, visit Academic Writer.

Unit 1 & 2 / Module 1

Outcome: Assess business strategy using a variety of seminal theories, principles, and concepts.


Unit 3 / Module 2

Course Outcome 2: Use a variety of analytical tools to monitor and improve business strategy. 

Units 4 & 5 / Module 3

Course Outcome 3: Formulate strategic business decisions from a management, leadership and organizational design perspective.

Unit 6 & 7 / Module 4

Course Outcome 4: Develop a strategic framework to increase the competitive advantage of a business. 

Unit 8 & 9 / Module 5

Course Outcome 5: Design a plan to implement a business strategy throughout an organization.

(Unit 10 / Module 6

Course Outcome 6: Compose business policies to enable implementation of a strategic plan.