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The Legal Research Process

Guide to Westlaw Campus Research

For  more help navigating Westlaw and using the KeyCite features, vist the Guide to Westlaw Campus Research linked below.

Using KeyCite

KeyCite: This feature works in conjunction with the West Key Number System to connect documents that discuss the same legal issues. This is most helpful when determining if a case is still good law. 

KeyCite Flags alert you to negative references or events that may affect the validity of that document:

When looking at a case, click the Negative Treatment tab to view any direct negative history of the case. The alert flag next to the case name will also bring you to this Negative Treatment report.:

The Treatment column shows how the subsequent cases have treated the *cited case. If the treatment is negative, this column will include a Negative notation.

The Headnotes column indicates which headnotes in the *cited case contain the points of law discussed by the citing cases.

Citing References columns

For  more information about KeyCite features, vist the Guide to using Westlaw Campus Research page.