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Guide to EBSCO eBooks

The "Full Download" link in EBSCO eBooks

About Full Ebook Downloads

Users have always been able to download passages of a book as a non-protected PDF file from EBSCO eBooks, usually 60 pages per session but could be more or less depending on the publisher.  In addition to this functionality, you now will see an option to download a book completely for ebooks provided by EBSCO.

This all-in-one checkout-style download will require, for most books:

  • Using the official EBSCO app on your iOS or Android device or with Adobe Digital Editions when using a desktop or laptop (Windows or Mac) computer.
  • Logging in to EBSCO using your PG Google account or create a separate "My EBSCO" account using any email you wish.

Note that a subset of book publishers allow downloading of ebooks as a single PDF or EPUB file without requiring My EBSCO or the Adobe or EBSCO apps.  You will see the options available to you after clicking the Full Download link. Additionally, some publishers do not allow full downloads at all. For these books, there simply isn't a Full Download link for them. 

Downloading on a PC or Mac

The rest of this F.A.Q. will summarize how to download an ebook from EBSCO using a PC or Mac. There is also further support documentation provided by EBSCO that goes into detail linked to below.  

First, before starting, download Adobe Digital Editions. 

Once you find a book title you want to download in either EBSCO Discovery Service or in EBSCO eBooks directly, follow these steps on your PC or Mac to download:

  • Click the Full Download link.
  • Click Sign In/Create Account if prompted.
  • Click Continue with Google.
  • If prompted, choose your PG Google account ( for students or for faculty and staff) and follow the login page if needed.
  • You should return to the EBSCO screen and see a Download eBook (Borrow) prompt. From the dropdown menu, select the duration in which you want to check out the title. For some titles, you can select your preferred format (PDF or EPUB). Verify you have Adobe Digital Editions installed (and install if you don't), then click Full Download.

EBSCO Download eBook options pop-up

  • Choose the location to download the book file. 
  • Open the downloaded ebook file. It should open Adobe Digital Editions, which will be the ebook reader for any digitally borrowed ebooks. You can also use Adobe Digital Editions to open borrowed ebooks from ProQuest. 

Mobile Device Downloads

You can also access also borrow titles using the EBSCO mobile app on iOS and Android.  For these devices, you'll need to first log in with your PG Campus account to access the app at all, then click on the "Sign in to MyEBSCO" in the profile section to access any saved files using your Google account. After doing so, go to the favorites section (the "heart" button) to see any checked out titles.