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Guide to Films on Demand

Browsing for Videos

Videos on Demand organizes its videos into an extensive list of topics to help you navigate to relevant content quickly. To browse video titles by subject:

  1. Click three lines / "hamburger menu" in the top navigation.
  2. Select a topic area of interest. 

Additionally, you could just scroll down the homepage as some videos categories there include Recently Added, Producers, Exclusive at FOD, Great Documentaries, and Featured this Month, among others.

GIF of FOD menu

Additional filters

Films on Demand provides additional filters after browsing to a particular section.  The filters are available from two menus:

  • Click on the first menu to see a list of sub-topics to choose from.  These sub-topics will further narrow down the content to a particular area.
  • Select the second menu to see options to limit videos by language, type, date, or producer. 

FOD filters menu