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Guide to Credo Reference

Viewing & Saving Documents

Credo Reference features several options for saving, print, emailing, and linking to ebook pages.  Many options are in the toolbar at the top and generally are labeled in clear ways, but there are also additional options right above the document's text.  

Toolbar Options:

  • Save - Save the article to a "Saved Items" tool accessible from the top menu, next to "Page link." 
  • Citation - See suggested citations in APA and other formats.  Note: Like all auto-generated citations, these are almost never perfect, but generally close.  Watch out for capitalization and other errors.  Citations are generated by software coding, not handcrafted by a human APA expert.   
  • Print - Download as a PDF for printing or save to your Google Drive.
  • Share - Send the document you're viewing to your email. 
  • Read aloud - A computer-generated voice will read the document out loud.
  • Print Pages - Print pages out.
  • Translate - Translate the article into another language.

Options next to document text will help you find additional materials:

  • Related Searches - Click any of these links to see a list of results based on the keywords or phrases listed.
  • Related Articles - Click here to see a related entry from another book or resource. 

Credo toolbar