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Guide to Credo Reference

Browsing Book Titles and Topics

You can browse a full alphabetical list of titles available in Credo Reference or look through a list of topics pages.  Both options are available from the Credo Reference homepage. Click the menu option (the three vertical lines or "hamburger menu") to the upper left, then select either Titles or Topics.   

Titles and Topics list location

From the Titles list page, click on any book for more information.  Clicking on any book link will bring you to an informational page that includes information about the publication, a table of contents, and a search box to search just within this particular title. 

Book title page

Depending on the title, other tabs may exist in addition to the Contents list, including Images, Headings, or People. These different lists help you browse to specific kinds of information or in the case of the People tab, specific persons discussed in the content of the book. 

The Topics list will bring you to the same content you find when conducting a keyword search, but allows you to browse a full list of topics to see what is available.  In our experience, while the Titles list has some utility if you want to find a single authoritative source on a topic and browse through it, searching by keyword is much faster and more productive than browsing the Topics pages available.