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Guide to Using Videos & Tutorials from Credo InfoLit

Other Resources

Linking to Credo InfoLit Multimedia

You can link directly to any video or tutorial in Credo InfoLit.  Visit the list in this guide and copy/paste any link into assignments, announcements, or anywhere else in Brightspace classrooms.  Authentication to any resource is the same as any other PG Library database or subscription resource. 

If you would like to embed a video or tutorial into a webpage, like we have in a few places on this guide, please contact the PG Library for the embed code.  

Linking to Quizzes

There are two options for linking to quizzes:

  • Direct Links: You can copy and paste links from the the list in this guide.  Links will open like InfoLit videos and tutorials.  However, the initial page will ask for the quiz taker's name, email, and course.  At the end of the quiz, students will have an option to email the results to anyone, either themselves or the instructor.  The email heading is "Credo Assessment Results: Quiz: Name_of_quiz."  Potentially, students could share with faculty for credit.  
  • LTI Links: Curriculum & Innovation has helped the PG Library setup LTI links to quizzes in Credo InfoLit.  Embedding a quiz using the LTI will integrate the quiz into your grade book automatically!  Please email Matt Stevons, Director of Library Services, for more information (e-mail).  

Pictured below: Example of emailed "Credo Assessment Results" after taking a quiz using the direct link, instead of an LTI link.