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Guide to Copyright

Notes & Attributions

Content on this site adapted with permission from the Purdue University Office of Copyright.  

It is the responsibility of all members of the Purdue University Global community to make a good faith determination that their use of copyrighted materials complies with the United States Copyright Law and Purdue University Global's policies.  The purpose of this site is to educate the Purdue University Global community on copyright.  The information provided on this site should not be considered legal counsel or legal advice. 

Fair Use, Licenses, Permissions, & Other Options

In this section, we will review options for ethically and legally sharing or reusing copyrighted works, including fair use. 

The fair use exemption to copyright will come up alongside almost any definition or guide about copyright.  However, it is not the only exemption or option when reusing copyrighted works.  For example, if your use is beyond what is granted by the fair use exemption, you may instead seek permission from the rights holder for your reuse of their copyrighted material.  Alternatively, you could select material permitted for reuse under specific licenses held by the university library.  Details on each of these and other options are offered in this section.