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Guide to Copyright

Notes & Attributions

Content on this site adapted with permission from the Purdue University Office of Copyright.  

It is the responsibility of all members of the Purdue University Global community to make a good faith determination that their use of copyrighted materials complies with the United States Copyright Law and Purdue University Global's policies.  The purpose of this site is to educate the Purdue University Global community on copyright.  The information provided on this site should not be considered legal counsel or legal advice. 

Creative Commons

Creative Commons licenses have become a popular way for content creators to choose the rights they want for their works.  Creative Commons licenses usually grant terms that are far more generous than what is granted by fair use and current U.S. copyright law.  The terms in Creative Commons licenses spell out what users can do with it and what's required.  Often it's as little as giving attribution to the author, but there may be other stipulations.  

Use the links below to read more about Creative Commons licenses as well as search for CC licensed content.

Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources, or OER, is another increasingly popular option for universities looking to find alternatives to the traditional textbook and course materials.  OER materials are freely available resources, like textbooks or even whole courses.  License terms for use are usually granted via a Creative Commons license.  When reviewing an OER textbook or other content, make sure to check the license information for every individual item to verify you are complying with the license's terms and conditions.  

Below are a few recommended sites with OER content.