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Library Resources for PS220


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Research Strategy

For this assignment you are to pick a developmental group and explain the physical, social, and cognitive changes that occur during that stage of development. You must also discuss the impact of cultural factors on the stage of development you have selected.  Below are some example search phrases for the adolescent stage, as an example.  You can change any search phrase to look for a different developmental group by removing adolescent and replacing it with the group you are interested in researching.

Physical Cognitive Social

For information about physical, social, and cognitive changes in a certain developmental group, you may need to conduct more than one search.  For example, search any and all of these phrases on the Search page of this guide:

  • adolescent child development physical
  • adolescent child development cognitive
  • adolescent child development social

To tighten up the search a bit, group words together with quotation marks:  

  • "child development" adolescent social

You could also try searching for all factors in one search phrase:  

  • "child development" cognitive social physical adolescent

Cultural Factors

The phrase "cultural factors" can be searched, as well as the phrase "sociocultural factors". However, the latter yields better results. 

Suggested searches to try include:

  • "sociocultural factors" child development adolescent
  • "sociocultural factors" "child development" adolescent​