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Library Resources for PS220


Research Strategy

For this assignment you are asked to find a longitudinal, cross-sectional, or sequential design study. Below are suggested steps to assist you using the database PsycARTICLES.

  • Begin in PsycARTICLES
  • Scroll down to Search Options>Limit your results and select the box labeled Age Groups. This box enables you to limit results to a certain age group (i.e. Childhood, Infancy,  Adolescents).
  • Select the Methodology box (just below the Age Group box). This box enables you to select a type of study.
  • Scroll up to the search boxes at the top of the screen.
  • In the top search box type your search term(s).  For this example, development 
  • In the middle search box, type exactly:  "cross sectional"  (or if you prefer to search for sequential studies, then type sequential into that box without quotes)
  • Click on Search

Be sure to include the quotation marks where you see them. That way, those words are more likely to be searched for together, like a phrase.

Note that on the left side of the results page, you can see what search terms were used (in blue) and what limiters were used (what you selected from the different boxes). There are additional options to select to help narrow the search a bit further (i.e. publication date, publication type, etc).