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Cochrane Library Guide

Cochrane Library

A basic search in Cochrane

Below is a simple sample search in the Cochrane Library.

In the search box in the upper right hand corner of the Cochrane Library's homepage, put your search terms.  Start with a broader search to get an idea of what Cochrane has on your topic.  For this search, depression exercise is used.

Click on the magnifying glass to perform the search.


The results page defaults to showing the Cochrane Reviews.  To browse Clinical Trials, click on the tab labeled Trials. To browse the Clinical Answers, click on More and then Clinical Answers. 

Remember that Clinical Trials will not have the full text of the trial or article that the results were published in.  Search in the Purdue Global Library to see if the full text is available in there.  Or submit a document delivery request and we will see if we can obtain a copy of the article for you.  Here is a direct link to that service:



For all the tabs, you can filter your results by the publication date.  This can be found on the left hand side of the results page.