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Cochrane Library Guide

A sample of browsing by topic in Cochrane

This will show you how to find the Cochrane Library in the Library and then how to browse through Cochrane.
Just below the search box on the library's homepage there is a tile labeled All Databases.  Click on that.
Then, scroll down until you see Cochrane Library and click on that.
Once Cochrane Library opens up, click on Cochrane Reviews
And then click on Browse by Topic
On the next screen, you will see list of broad topics.  Click on a topic that appeals to you.  For this example, Child Health was clicked on.
Browse by Topics
On the next screen, you will see sub-topics to choose from and how many reviews are under each sub-topic.  Click on one that interests you.  For this example, Dentistry and Oral Health was clicked on.
Narrow results
You can also, refine your results by date or review group or if it is a review or a protocol by clicking on options down the left hand side of the screen.


On the next screen, you will see a list of items.  Underneath them are a few indicators that say something about the items.  For example, the first item has New, Review, and Intervention under it.  This means that the item is new, it is a review, and is about an intervention.  To view any of the items, click on its title.


You will see basic information about it at the top of screen.  Scroll down to see more of the review.

Review example

To jump to another part of the review, look over on the right hand side for a list of headings and click on one to be taken to that section.


The left hand side has options for a pdf version, jumping to the tables, references, etc.


You can also search the entire Cochrane Library with the search box in the top right corner.

search box