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Library Resources for PS430

Book of Interest

 A few chapters that could be helpful for your assignment for the above book.

Search Strategy

For this assignment, you are to evaluate the success of the procedures that were put in place. This page offers suggested search strategies to assist in you in your research.

Quantitative and Qualitative Research

To search for sources that talk about quantitative and qualitative research, here are some tips.

On the Library homepage, one search you could try is qualitative quantitative "social sciences"

Be sure to include the quotation marks around "social sciences".  That way they are searched for together, as a phrase.  It isn't need around qualitative quantitative because you don't want to search for the phrase qualitative quantitative but, you do want both those words somewhere in the items in the results list.

Highlighted in pink are subject terms that show that this article could be helpful.

Article example

The subject terms could also be used as search terms.  To change them into search terms, put them into quotation marks.

  • "quantitative research"
  • "qualitative research"
  • "social sciences research"

And then, put them into the search box.  You can mix and match them:

  • "quantitative research" "social sciences research"
  • "qualitative research" "social sciences research"

Search Strategies for Visual Analysis

There is quite a range of visual analysis that can be found in the library.  What will be more helpful for this assignment will be statistical visual analysis.  Below is a search you can try and suggestions for further searching.

In the large search box on the library's welcome page, type exactly: "visual analysis" data

Be sure to include the quotation marks around "visual analysis".  This way the words are looked for together as a phrase.  It is not a hard and fast rule to always use quotation marks.  Try searches with and without them to see different results.

This search will bring up a few articles like the one below.  The subject headings are a great place to find possible keywords to use in a search.  Those can be added or mixed and matched with other keywords.  See below the picture for examples.

Article example

  • "data interpretation" "visual analysis"
  • "visual analysis" statistical‚Äč