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Library Resources for PS430

Search Strategy

In this unit, you are being asked to create a PowerPoint presentation to provide information about Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) to staff and management. This page offers suggested search strategies to assist in you in your research.

Search Strategies for OBM

While you can use the suggested search phrases in the large search box on the Search page, going directly to PsycARTICLES cuts down the results by quite a bit.  From your course specific library page, click on PscyARTICLES


In the top search box, type exactly:  "organizational behavior management"

Be sure to include the quotation marks.  That way, the words are searched for together, as a phrase.

You could also search for:


Search Strategies for Respondent Conditioning, Operant Behavior, & Verbal Behavior

For this part of the assignment, in the large search box on the Library's main page, try putting the main points in quotation marks and start adding words to the search phrase to narrow the search.  

For example, put verbal behavior into quotes:  "verbal behavior"

The field you would like to limit it to is organizational behavior management.  Adding all of that at once may not bring anything back but, if you add one word at a time, you can start to limit the results to see what is available.  For example:

"verbal behavior" organizational

If that doesn't bring up anything useful, try adding management, because behavior is already in the search phrase:

"verbal behavior" "organizational management"