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Guide to HeinOnline

What is HeinOnline?

HeinOnline provides more than 200 million pages of multidisciplinary periodicals, essential government documents, international resources, case law, and much more. Users can access more than 3,000 scholarly journals that examine more than a thousand topics. In addition, the database contains comprehensive coverage of U.S. government publications, and the archive of case law consists of federal, state, and overseas cases, and the extensive international resources address a wealth of countries, regions, and international organizations.

This database is a key resource for law students, and any student seeking legal reference materials.

Primary Features

  • Journals and Periodicals: Thousands of interdisciplinary publications spanning more than 1,500 research topics.
  • U.S. Federal Content: Millions of pages of contemporary and historical U.S. federal government resources.
  • U.S. State Content: Essential state resources, including session laws, statutes, constitutions, and comparative law resources.
  • International Resources: A wealth of material related to international law, treaties, agreements, diplomacy, and more.
  • Case Law: Comparative U.S. federal and state case law, as well as select international case material.
  • Special Collections: Databases dedicated to various historical events, timely subjects, or a particular research focus.

How Do I Access HeinOnline?

Access HeinOnline from the Library homepage via the All Databases A-Z link. Or access the database anytime with the link below: