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Guide to HeinOnline

Refining Results

If searching by keyword, your results will display various articles. You can refine these results using the limiters on the left side of the page. 

Hein  refining search results example

Limit your results by:

  • publication date ranges
  • database collections
  • PathFinder subject areas (*see below for more information)
  • publication sections (e.g., articles, notes, comments, etc.).
  • geographical locations
  • publication titles
  • organizations (e.g., congress, senate, army, etc.).
  • people
  • availability (full text or index)

Using PathFinder to Search

Using PathFinder to Browse

Scroll down the page to browse results. You can also sort results displayed by relevance and then search within results by keywords. The results page can by printed or emailed.

Browsing results in Hein example