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Library Resources for CE101


The focuses of this assignment is on diverse ways of learning and teaching with an emphasis on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory. You are asked to apply his theory and create a culturally diverse learning station/center. 

Research Strategies & Resources

In the large search box on the Find page of this guide, search the phrase multiple intelligences 

The search retrieves a Research Starter, which is an overview of the topic and a great place to begin research. 

Research Starter

You can also browse the suggested phrases below. Note that EBSCO databases automatically assumes the word AND between words and phrases, and using quotation marks tells EBSCO to search exact words and phrases. Joining words and phrases will target (or narrow) the search to more specific results. 

  • howard gardner’s multiple intelligence theory
  • "multiple intelligences" "diversity" learning centers in early childhood education
  • multiple intelligence in early childhood education "learning centers"
  • cultural diversity in early childhood education
  • multiple intelligence theory in the classroom
  • "multiple intelligences" "learning styles"
  • "multiple intelligences" teaching
  • multiple intelligences in early childhood education
  • "multiple intelligences" "cultural diversity" "early childhood classroom"

You can also search these same phrases in ProQuest: