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Library Resources for CE101

Research Assignment

In this assignment, you must research an educational theorist, discuss his/her contributions to early childhood development, and identify two key ideas from this theorist that are current issues/trends or best practices found in early childcare settings.

Research Strategies & Resources

A good database to search begin searching is in Gale eBooks. This database consists of reliable reference eBooks.

A suggested search phrase you may want to try is: early childhood education theorists

Search individual titles directly, or search all education reference books in Gale by subject:

A picture of a screen shot of the Gale databases Search box with a red arrow pointing at the search box and a red arrow pointing at the magnifying glass indicating clicking on that to perform the search.  There is also a Subjects list with the word Education highlighted in yellow.

To search for reputable journal articles, browse ProQuest Education. A suggested search phrase may be: theorists of education

Picture of a screen shot of the ProQuest Education Journals database with the words theorist of education.  A red arrow is pointing at the search phrase theorists of education and a red arrow is pointing at the magnifying glass indicating to click that to perform the search.

You can also try searching the phrase early childhood education theorists within the Library's collection of EBSCO databases directly in the large search box on the Find page of this research guide. 

Additional search phrases may include:

  • "early childhood education theorists" "current trends"
  • "early childhood educational philosophy" "current issues"
  • "historical early childhood educational theories" "current issues and trends"

Note that EBSCO databases automatically assumes the word AND between words and phrases, and using quotation marks tells EBSCO to search exact words and phrases. Joining words and phrases will target (or narrow) the search to more specific results.