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Guide to SAGE Research Methods

Embedding and Linking to Content

In our experience, copying the URL from the address bar also works well, unlike some of the other databases in the PG Library. For faculty, you can also use the embed button in the upper right corner to add a video to Brightspace. You can either embed code or use the Share tool to find a link. 

Also for faculty, you can use the create clip tool to create custom selections of video for use in classes or presentations. You will need to be signed in to your Profile to save clips. Creating a profile is free, but does require a separate registration from typical access via the Library website (similar to other databases like EBSCO that offer extra customizations should you create an account). 

Citation Tools

Citing information in SAGE Research Methods is simple. Click the Cite button (" ") and choose APA from the dropdown to see a suggested example. Make sure to reference Academic Writer, the Writing Center's guides, or the APA Style manual itself if you have it to make sure the citation is 100% correct. Make sure to look out for errors like missing punctuation or capitalization errors.

Cite button in SRM