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Guide to Skillsoft Books

Downloading Chapters (Chapters to Go)

Skillsoft Books refers to downloading a chapter for offline reading as "Chapters to Go."  You are permitted 15 downloads per 90 day period.  Note however, online viewing, personal folders within Skillsoft Books, and linking are unlimited.  To download a chapter:

  • Open a book, then get to the chapter you want to download.
  • Click the download icon, which looks like an arrow pointing downward.
  • In the pop-up, select your preferred file format (PDF, Kindle, or ePUB).

Screenshot depicting download option in Skillsoft Books.

Saving to Your Skillsoft Folder (a.k.a., Your Learning Plan)

You can also save items to your personal Skillsoft account.  Skillsoft Books automatically recognizes you after logging in with your PG Campus account, so no additional setup is necessary!  Skillsoft Books sometimes refers to this as your "Learning Plan," and added titles can be accessed from the "My Saved Items" button in the top navigation of the Skillsoft Books website.

To save a title to a personal folder:

  • Option 1: From a results page, click the down arrow next to Launch, then select Save.
  • Option 2: After opening a book or video, click on the Save option in the toolbar.  

Once you click either option, you'll be presented with a pop-up that asks which folder you want to use.  You can use a pre-existing folder, or create a new one. 

Screenshot depicting personal folder options in Skillsoft Books.