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Academic Research Primer

About this site

What is the Academic Research Primer guide?

Think of this site as a playlist of skills you'll develop through your academic career and path to becoming a skilled researcher. If you view all of the videos and tutorials linked to here, you'll be well prepared to tackle a big academic research project.

Use the menu to the left to navigate.  In each section, you'll find a highlighted "key skill," featuring an embedded video or tutorial, and surrounding it additional links and sources you can use related to that central idea.

Note: Authenticate First

Looking for "T.O.R.C.H."?

The "T.O.R.C.H." (which stood for Teach yourself - Organize - Research - Check - Help) video guide to the research process has been sunset.  This guide, "Academic Research Primer," and the Videos & Tutorials section of the library website replace it.  Please update your bookmarks.