About this site

What is this Academic Research Primer guide? We know the library's website links to a lot of documentation and tutorials about the library and research, and there are many more videos and tutorials about the research process on the internet.  Think of this site as a playlist of skills you'll develop through your academic career and path to becoming a skilled researcher. If you view all of the videos and tutorials linked to here, you'll be well prepared to tackle a big academic research project.

Use the tabs at the top to navigate to the different areas of the site.  In each section, you'll find a highlighted "key skill," and surrounding it additional links and sources you can use related to that central idea outlined in the key video or tutorial.  

Looking for "T.O.R.C.H."?

The "T.O.R.C.H." (which stood for Teach yourself - Organize - Research - Check - Help) video guide to the research process has been sunset.  This guide, "Academic Research Primer," and the Videos & Tutorials section of the library website replace it.  Please update your bookmarks.