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Purdue Global Law School Library Resources Guide


About HeinOnline

Purdue Global Law School is pleased to bring you HeinOnLine, an image-based retrospective of more than 1000 law journals with coverage dating back to the inception of each journal (in some cases, as far back as the mid-1800's!!) HeinOnline has challenged many people's belief's that "only recent materials are available on the Internet!"

HeinOnLine also has a "U.S. Treaties and Other International Agreements" library that is now the Internet's most-comprehensive U.S. Treaty collection available. Additionally, its "Official U.S. Reports Library" is the only source for the Official U.S. Reports volumes from inception (1790). The full collection goes back to 1754. Hein-On-Line also has a comprehensive retrospective of the Federal Register from 1936 - 2000. Current coverage is, of course, available for free on the Internet as well as on Westlaw. Hein also provides access to English cases of historical importance and classic legal texts.

HeinOnLine is an image-based service. This means that you will be viewing the journal pages as "pictures" on the web, rather than text. Because of this, students with slower Internet connections will have a longer wait time while the pages download than they would with, say, Westlaw. Please keep this limitation in mind as you access this service.

Information about how to use this service may be found by clicking here.

Please contact HeinOnline with technical questions:

Phone: 1-800-828-7571 ext. 237